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Sports Blast Shelby County

Indoor Soccer Rules

Sports Blast requires that all persons in our facility be respectful of each other.

We are a family-oriented atmosphere and want everyone here to have fun and enjoy the various sports we have to offer.


1.                  The games are played in (4) 12-minute periods with one-minute break Between periods and two-minutes between halves. (U8 & U9 plays (4) 10-minute periods)

2.                  There is (1) goalkeeper and (5) field players allowed on the field for Play.(1 keeper and (6) field players for all ages U11 and below) (U8 plays with 7 field players and no goalkeeper). You may roster up to 18 persons on a team.

3.                  Slide tackling is NOT permitted.

4.                  Three line Violation- the ball can not travel in the air from red line to red line. If this happens, it is a free kick from the “first” red line for the opponent.

5.                  Substitutions may be made at any time on an unlimited basis, provided the subbed “for” player is within one yard of the bench door and does not interfere with play at the time the replacing player enters the field of play

6.                  The ball is played off the walls (dasher boards). You can pass the ball to yourself or another player at any time.

7.                  When the ball touches any part of the netting or ceiling, the ball is deemed out of bounds.

8.                  All fouls and restarts are DIRECT free kicks. You have (5) seconds to get the ball back in play once it is placed on the ground.

9.                  There are NO offsides.

10.              A penalty in the box is decided by a “Turkey Shoot”. Both teams must retreat to midfield. There is one shooter who starts at the red line against the opposing goalkeeper. The shooter has (5) seconds to dribble the ball and score.

11.              Blue Cards equal 2-minute penalty with NO sub. Yellow Cards equal 4-minute penalty with NO sub. Red Cards equal immediate ejection from the facility and at least one-game suspension

12.             ALL players must check-in at the Cafe counter and get a player armband prior to your kick-off. This allows you to participate in your scheduled game.

NOTICE: Any player that tries to step on a field and play without an armband will be issued a Blue Card by the referee. The player will have to exit the player bench area and go check-in at the Cafe counter. The TEAM will have to suffer the Blue card 2-minute penalty of playing a man down.

All participants and spectators are required to have FUN!